#365create: October 28, 2018 at 10:01AM

Inktober’s been the usual scramble of staying on top of posting an ink sketch a day for the month — some that I’m proud of and some that just fill the slot. When I first started the challenge a few years ago I was meticulously drafting each sketch out in pencil before inking in and then erasing guidelines. This year, I’m less hung up about it and what you see is as the ink hits the page – there’s no option to erase.
So, there are hits and misses but I usually share everything regardless. To me, it’s an interesting record of progress and what works; seeing the sketches in 2D gives me a better view of what works and where/how I can improve.
Working directly without erasing also helps me trust my process, work with the spontaneous brush/pen strokes and translate what I see into marks on a page without getting hung up on how right they are. I feel like I am slowly getting towards a way of working, representing, portraying that is mine and not imitation.
And this brings immense happiness! #i2f #blog https://ift.tt/2yFcuoX